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We will use our network of dealers to acquire your desired timepiece for you and charge a nominal fee to do so.


I plan to continue working with David indefinitely and look forward to many more purchases for my collection! He will take excellent care of you and provide you with a premium experience!
David has been my spiritual watch guide - helping me appreciate, learn and own some amazing works of art.
I have known David as long as a I’ve been into watches! Highly recommended as a seller, buyer, but most important the trusted partner needed to navigate the ever-changing world of luxury goods and watches. David will work tirelessly to find you the best deal and will provide the best overall experience possible.
David has been a pivotal member of our watch club as a sponsor, member and friend. He helps us find the right watches, but more important also helps us vet new members to bring into the mix. We look forward to working with you and enjoying future events at the store!
The services offered here are unparalleled. It is clear that passion fuels this level of knowledge and expertise on watches and fine jewelry.


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We are building Twin Cities Time + Luxury on the same foundations that have made us successful elsewhere: Integrity, Transparency and Fairness. 

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